Company Culture

People matter to us. The Kellwood Group operates in a culture of fairness, dignity and respect, whether dealing with employees, customers or suppliers. We recognise that one of our key assets is our flexible and loyal work force and consequently value all members of our team.

Kellwood maintains an excellent relationship with the local and wider community and aims to reflect the diversity of its surroundings in its company structure.


The Kellwood Group has been investing in a substantial and ongoing manner for over 35 years. We believe that continuous, controlled growth is required to preserve our position as one of the best employers in Dumfries and Galloway. This is achievable by investment in equipment and training. All employees should have an equal opportunity to progress and develop skills whether they are apprentices, time-served trades people or professionals.

The Kellwood Group takes pride in its ethos for encouraging further development and its ability to recognise an employee's potential.

Varied Work

The Kellwood Group's work varies hugely, from one-off jobs to large batch production, on-going maintenance contracts to site electrical installations. Our staff enjoy the prospect of tackling new challenges every day, either as an individual or as a member of a team.

The Kellwood Group takes pride in its ability to draw on its wealth of experience in order to deliver new services. Employees benefit from the additional skills that they are required to develop in order to complement The Kellwood Group's flexibility.

Do you have what it takes?

We are only willing to employ the best. If you can relate to The Kellwood Group's ideologies, we can provide you with an enjoyable and sustainable career. The Kellwood Group is always looking to diversify and expand its work force - feel free to apply for a specific vacancy (see below) or as a general job enquiry.

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